Secrets of the Criminal Mind

Mind Matters • May 2013

What is science revealing about the nature of the criminal mind? Adrian Raine, a professor at the university of Pennsylvania, is an expert in the

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How to Stop Bullying

Mind Matters • February 2013

In January of 2010, a teenage girl named Phoebe Prince walked home from school, let herself into the family apartment and hung herself in a

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The Brilliance of the Dog Mind

Mind Matters • February 2013

Just about every dog owner is convinced their dog is a genius. For a long time, scientists did not take their pronouncements particularly seriously, but

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Mind Theorist

Scientific American • December 2012

Have you ever stopped to consider what a brilliant mind reader you are? If someone in your field of view experiences a sudden happy thought

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Do Plants Think?

Mind Matters • June 2012

How aware are plants? This is the central question behind a fascinating new book, “What a Plant Knows,” by Daniel Chamovitz, director of

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Reverse Engineering the Human Brain

Mind Matters • March 2012

What makes us who we are? Where is our personal history recorded, or our hopes? What explains autism or schiziphrenia or remarkable genius? Sebastian Seung

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The Brittle Star's Apprentice

Scientific American • February 2012

AMONG THE FIRST things you notice when you step into the corner office of Harvard University professor Joanna Aizenberg are the playthings. Behind her desk

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The Power of Introverts

Mind Matters • January 2012

Do you enjoy having time to yourself, but always feel a little guilty about it? Then Susan Cain’s “Quiet : The Power of Introverts

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Neuroscience Challenges Ideas about Free Will

Mind Matters • November 2011

Do we have free will? It is an age-old question which has attracted the attention of philosophers, theologians, lawyers and political theorists. Now it is

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History and the Decline of Human Violence

Mind Matters • October 2011

Steven Pinker, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, is the author of the best-selling books, “How the Mind Works,” and “The Blank Slate.” But

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The Secret Language Code

Mind Matters • August 2011

Are there hidden messages in your emails? Yes, and in everything you write or say, according to James Pennebaker, chair of the department of psychology

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Psychologists Put "Character" Under Microscope — and it Vanishes

Mind Matters • May 2011

What can science reveal about our “character” — that core of good, or evil, that shapes our moral behavior? The answer, according to a new

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